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Wimberley Community Chorus
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Love to Sing? Come Join the 
Wimberley Community Chorus!
The Wimberley Community Chorus is open to all who love to sing. 

Please use the contact number on the Contact Us page for more information or just show up at the first rehearsal!  
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Songs of Gratitude
...We come together to pool our creative and expressive gifts to create something none of us could make alone.

...We meet each other with welcoming, supportive, encouraging presence.

...We enter in with gratitude for the gift of music, and for all that come together to allow us these moments.

...We raise up the potential, through focused and shared work, to have an impact in the lives of those creating and those receiving this art.

...We know that our voices are needed, ALL of our voices, now as much as ever!

We’ll be centering on a theme of GRATITUDE this spring. Seems to me we have had a lot of art-making and song-singing about hard times, perseverance, resilience...Let’s look at a hopeful, joyful, grateful perspective for this one. We’ll celebrate together – things to be thankful for!

- Director Craig Aamot